The Politics of Ark Building

Replicas of Noah’s Ark are being built in various locations around the world. The ark-building movement is related to a particular form of Christian politics and Creationism.


The Creation Museum in Kentucky is building an ark as part of its Creationist theme park. “The museum has raised more than half the money needed for its $24.5 million Ark Encounter project,” according to NPR. “The Creation Museum’s mission is to show the feasibility of biblical stories. So with the Ark Encounter, they’re also setting out to show what day-to-day life would have been like for Noah.”

Another ark theme park, the Hidden Ark, is being built in Florida.

Meanwhile, arks have already been built in China and Europe. Johan Huibers constructed a 450-foot long ark recently in the Netherlands.  NPR reports that “a hundred thousand people have come to see Huibers’ ark. His goal is to spread his faith, but he thinks the appeal of the Noah story these days is obvious.”

Many of the organizers and funders of the ark building projects promote a curious mixture of Creationism and millenarianism. The ark builders engage in various Apocalyptic predictions and some of the arks have apparently been built to escape from increasing storms and floods predicted to accompany global warming. Other ark enthusiasts deny global warming, based on God’s promise to never allow send another deluge.

All of the ark builders see their arks as tools of evangelism and proselytization.

NPR reports on the ark-building movement.

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