Fellowship on European-Arab Relations

The publishing house Brill (Leiden) is sponsoring an annual research Fellowship at the Warburg Institute’s Centre for the History of Arabic Studies in Europe. The Fellowship has been made possible by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for publishing, which Brill won in 2012.

The Brill Fellowship at CHASE, of two or three months duration, is intended for a postdoctoral researcher. The Fellowship will be awarded for research projects on any aspect of the relations between Europe and the Arab World from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The Brill Fellows will have access to all Brill encyclopedias online for the duration of the Fellowship. The Fellow will be expected to contribute to the academic activities of the Warburg Institute and to give a seminar and a lecture on the topic for which they have been awarded their Fellowship.

Details for Applicants

Candidates must normally have been awarded their doctorate within the preceding five years, i.e. after 1 October 2008. If their doctorate was awarded before this date, they should explain the reasons for any interruption in their academic career in a covering letter.

General Conditions
Those employed as Professor, Lecturer or equivalent in a university or learned institution may normally hold an award only if they are taking unpaid leave for the whole of the period. Those who have previously held a short-term Fellowship at the Institute or are registered at the Institute for a degree are not eligible to apply. The Fellowship may not be held concurrently with another Fellowship or award. Other things being equal, preference will be given to candidates who do not live within daily travelling distance of the Institute.

Fellows may teach elsewhere during tenure of the Fellowship only with the express permission of the Director. They will be required to present a brief written report at the conclusion of their appointment. A Fellowship may be terminated if the Appointing Committee is not satisfied that the conditions of the award are being met. All publications containing results of work done with the aid of the Fellowship shall include adequate acknowledgement of the fact.

Value of Fellowships
The Fellowship does not provide a stipend but gives financial support towards living and subsistence costs in London and towards travel expenses. The value of the Fellowships (at 2013/14 rates) are: £2,500 for two months, £3,600. The amount of these payments is absolute; no additional costs will be paid.

The Brill Fellowship is tenable at the Warburg Institute the Brill Fellow must hold at least three-quarters of the award during term-time. The approximate term dates for 2014-15 will be early October to mid-December 2014; mid-January to mid-March 2015; late April to the end of June 2015. Applicants should specify the length of Fellowship for which they are applying (see 1 below) but do not need to state in their application when they would wish to hold a Fellowship. Those awarded a three-month Fellowships will need to stay at the Institute for a full three month period, i.e. for longer than one term.

No interviews will be held. Shortlisted candidates only will be contacted in early February 2014 to ask them to submit samples of their written work. All shortlisted candidates will then be informed of the final outcome of their application in March 2014.

Application information and details at: http://warburg.sas.ac.uk/fellowships/brill-chase/

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