Blasphemy Riots in Pakistan

Blasphemy continues to provoke crowd violence in Pakistan. A recent report of an allegedly blasphemous Facebook post prompted a crowd to burn down the home of a Pakistani minority family.

According to the Washington Post, “Sometime on Sunday, an image of a semi-nude woman atop a holy monument in Mecca materialized on the Facebook page of an 18-year-old man belonging to an Islamic religious minority, the Ahmadi. News quickly filtered through the majority community. … The marauders first numbered in the hundreds, but soon swelled to encompass about 1,000 members who looted, threw stones and set multiple houses ablaze in the eastern Pakistani city of Gujranwala.”


The Washington Post and the New York Times report on the blasphemy riots.

Historians of the European Wars of Religion have studied blasphemy riots in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Students of religious politics and sectarian violence will be interested in these stories.

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