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How to Start a Religious War?

Militants of al-Shabab attacked passengers in a bus in Kenya this week, allegedly aiming to start a religious war. “At dawn on Saturday, al-Shabab gunmen attacked the bus in northern Kenya, shooting dead non-Muslim passengers,” according to the BBC. The … Continue reading

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Attack on Synagogue in Jerusalem

Two Palestinian militants attacked a synagogue in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of West Jerusalem Tuesday, disrupting the congregation during worship and firing at prayer leaders. According to The New York Times, “two Palestinians armed with a gun, knives and axes burst … Continue reading

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Transitions in the Catholic Church in Chicago

The Catholic Church is witnessing sweeping changes worldwide, and some of these tranformations are becoming apparent in Chicago. The New York Times reports: “In Pope Francis’ most significant move yet to reshape the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church in … Continue reading

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