How to Start a Religious War?

Militants of al-Shabab attacked passengers in a bus in Kenya this week, allegedly aiming to start a religious war.

“At dawn on Saturday, al-Shabab gunmen attacked the bus in northern Kenya, shooting dead non-Muslim passengers,” according to the BBC.


The bus was traveling through a rural region of northeastern Kenya close to the Somalian border.

“Gunmen separated out non-Muslims by asking passengers to read from the Koran, officials and witnesses said. Those who failed were then shot in the head. Kenya’s Red Cross confirmed that 28 of the 60 passengers on the bus were killed, 19 men and nine women.”

Al-Shabab, an Islamist militant group in Somalia, has launched a series of attacks in Kenya over the past several years.

A senior Kenyan government official described the attackers’ motives: “The aim is to create conflict between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in this country. … The aim is to create a religious war, religious strife, in Kenya.”

The BBC reports on the attack.

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