Islamic Radicalism or Mental Instability?

Brian Sandberg: Historical Perspectives

A driver deliberately drove his car into pedestrians in Dijon, France, injuring at least eleven people. The driver aggressively swerved into pedestrians at five different locations in the city on the evening of Sunday 21 December.

Witnesses reported that the driver cried “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) and claimed to have acted in the name of the children of Palestine, according to French police.


The news coverage of these attacks varies widely however.

In an article entitled, “Un déséquilibré renverse onze piétons à Dijon,” Le Monde presents the attacks as being carried out by “un automobiliste, probablement déséquilibré.” The reporter for Le Monde cites a source involved with the police investigation who indicates that « l’homme, né en 1974, présente le profil d’un déséquilibré et serait suivi en hôpital psychiatrique ».

The French media presents this attack as an act of violence by a mentally ill man who…

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