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Religion and the Teaching of the Holocaust

Religious issues present complicated dilemmas in the teaching of many subjects. Instructors teaching about the Holocaust and other genocides confront complex histories , contentious politics, and traumatic legacies. The New York Times profiles Mehnaz M. Afridi, an Assistant Professor of … Continue reading

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A French September 11?

The cover of Le Monde, the leading French newspaper, displayed a photo of the spontaneous rally at the place de la République on Wednesday evening, 7 January, following the horrific attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo earlier in the … Continue reading

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The Ethics of War

War is often perceived as completely unethical, yet the people who engage in warfare always have ethical systems and cultural frameworks that shape their military practices and individual behaviors. Classic texts on warfare from Thucydides to Clausewitz grapple with ethical … Continue reading

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